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Inspiration from the Nature Reserve

Jenny Wren singing her heart out……June 19 coombe hill wren (2)Painting showing painting of a wren on paper with gold thread decorating the edge by artist Diane YoungPainting showing painting of a wren and three eggs by artist Diane YoungPainting showing spatter paint silhouettes of birds and flowers by artist Diane Young

Photo showing a swan resting its head on its back and asleep by artist Diane Young

I believe this is field of blue is linseed or flax.

Field of blue flowers at Coombe Hill Glos


#Fish and #Pheasants shimmer and gold.

There is soon to be an exhibition at the Amberley Inn nr Stroud which will include these artworks.  The Koi fish painting was a joy to paint and now needs a nice frame.  The exhibition will start on 1st September more details to follow.  In the meantime here is Halcyon and Wilderness Pheasants with lots of yummy (inedible) gold leaf.

A detailed painting of Koi Carp over river bed stones by artist Diane Young glistening with gold and silver paint

Halcyon – Koi Carp

Image showing 2 pheasants on a gold leaf background by artist Diane Young

Wilderness Pheasants

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#Raven #Painting Original #Art

New Raven Original Painting

Here is my original painting which is now called The Gatekeeper in a nice chunky black A3 sized frame, it is a painting of a raven holding a key.    Ravens are a common feature of ancient religion and mythologies from familiars of witches to the supernatural, from the carriers of  souls and associations with good luck, to trickery and foreboding.  According to legend, the  Kingdom of England will fall if the ravens of the Tower of London are removed; care has been taken to ensure that they continue to inhabit the Tower as they have done now for centuries.

Painting framed of a raven and key gothic art by Diane Youn