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Commission-Me-This : About

So you would like a commission but you don’t wish to just imagine the end result….

Commission Me This …is the hassle free way for you to commission a painting from one of my designs shown here online.

My paintings are also economically priced according to size.

Is it really original?  The design will be essentially the same but very slight differences naturally occur in the drawing and the painting process. Creating art is an organic process and the result is  therefore unique.  If you actually want an exact copy of what you see you perhaps you are looking for a print.  On the other hand If you would like a unique painting with all its nuances read on…

polars-keep-baby-warm-v2-watermarked-web (400x286)

Here is an example.  The picture on the left was the first painting.  The client really loved  this image. She gave me license to make her commission a  little different and so I designed and painted the one on the right for her.  The clients opinion of my first painting of the polars was that it was the best miniature painting (aceo) she had seen, but when I sent her a preview of her commission she emailed me back to say she actually liked it even more than the first one which made me very happy.

The first step is to view my Gallery of Designs, select one that you would like to commission and order a painting in its likeness. It can be as close to as possible to the one you select or you can opt for some small changes or tweaks.

Next consider a size, perhaps you already know where you would like to hang your picture so take mounts and frame size into account too.

See my Size and Price page.

I would like 50% of the sale price  before I begin and  the remainder prior to dispatch.  Depending on your location I can do a shipping estimate for you.

You may request an email viewing prior to dispatch too.

Please note as with all artist images that you are purchasing an original piece of art and not rights to copy the image in any way.

So view my Gallery of  Designs,  and if you would like to Commission Me get in touch  so that I can get painting for you right away.

email:  diane@manicillustrations.com

Thanks for taking time to look, I hope you like what you see!

Diane Young

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