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Printmaker ~ Painter ~ Every Picture tells a story ~ Artwork ©Diane Young

About Me/Contact

About Me

I make artwork from our home in the Cotswolds (UK) and have a packed studio attic space having painted animals for many years I turned my attention to something  printmaking for 2020.   Other than being an artist I usually have a myriad of different types of work throughout the week but I am currently in lockdown with my student son and keyworker husband who continues to work delivering meals for the vulnerable.

CONTACT DIANE:    email: diane@dianeyoungartist.com  

or message me on facebook here

ABOUT ARTIST DIANE YOUNG:Diane Young Manic Artist of Manic Illustrations

I take my inspiration from the natural world and especially love drawing animals.   I am now encompassing some landscape and abstract ideas with my printmaking journey too. I Storytelling often underpins my images.

Look in my images for gold leaf embellishment giving my paintings and sometimes my prints an individual and luxurious look.  Please email any enquiries or questions at diane@dianeyoungartist.com



Painting of harris hawk with gold leaf background by artist Diane Young

Harris’ Hawk with Gold Leaf

Contact me by email if there is something you might be interested in, an idea you might have or any question about my work. email: diane@dianeyoungartist.com


Gus: Commission

My attic studio.
Diane Young Attic Studio





Diane Young artist is available for:Manic Illustrations Logo

Freelance Work & Commissions.

Contact : email – diane@dianeyoungartist.com

Copyright © Diane Young 2013 All Rights Reserved.

If you require it there is  more copyright information here.


2 thoughts on “About Me/Contact

  1. Hi! this is Emma From UWE. your website is fantastic! best of luck in the future! one day i am sure something good will come out of all your wonderful illusrations.
    Take Care


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