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Colour Reversal and Blue Cats


After agonising over the fact that perhaps my website should not have a sombre black background I thought I would change it. As always you cannot really tell what works and what doesn’t.  Some peeps say one thing and others another.  Actually in my heart of hearts I am not a purple person and so I feel my website page will revert to its black background very soon. ACEO Moody Blue Cat by Diane YoungToday was a blue cat day.  This image was done a short while ago….Moody Blue Cat, with New  Moon…

Following on from this and completed today…….is Blue Kitten with Ping Pong ball.  This image is a characterisation of my own black cat Simba when he was a kitten.ACEO Blue Kitten Simba by Diane Young Now listed on ebay for 7 days.



Author: DianeY

Artist ~Painter / Printmaker

2 thoughts on “Colour Reversal and Blue Cats

  1. I agonized over the same thing – black background / white background – what looks best. I settled for a deep red. It seemed to make my colors pop a bit more and it was different than just ‘black’.
    I personally like the purple very much!!!
    Love the new artwork : )
    Giving it a twitter…..

    Have a wonderful weekend : )

    – Michael


  2. Thanks Michael… your rich website colour gives it a very individual look. I like the way you describe what you have done to the photos, as it is sometimes difficult not to feel slightly “tricked ” if you sense a change has been made that has not been disclosed. Makes the whole process more like an art form too. Keep up the good work.


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