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UWE Bristol Creative Degree Show

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Rose Tinted Spectacles?

Yesterday I paid a visit to UWE (University of the West Of England) in Bristol (UK).  Every year I go to see the degree show held by the creative department  since studying there as a mature student for my own Illustration degree 8 years ago.    Recent years have been a little disappointing for me probably because  there appears to be less traditional mediums such as painting or printmaking being used to produce images in my favourite illustration genre Picture Book Illustration….or is it something to do with my rose tinted specs?

Sample work from the show,  my favourite  medium included of course….

Time to Learn

Are young people drawn (no pun intended) to more versatile and eclectic methods of producing artwork such as collage and graphic design moreso than us (slightly) more mature folk?   Does the ease at which one can more or less instantly move into the area of digital media and photography mean that younger students are less likely to pick up the skills required to use a paintbrush successfully?   Why buy up costly paints, paper, brushes and so on when most of us have access to pcs, laptops, scanners and cameras all ready to get creative with.

After deliberating on this it has dawned on me that my artistic skills and especially those using  paint have been acquired over many years.  In fact I have a drawer full of different bits of  equipment to evidence dabblings in all sorts from oils to inks, pencils and printing.  All  said and done it took me quite some time to achieve a level of satisfaction and consistency,  and there will be no admission to exactly how long it took!


My conclusion is that we have all got to start somewhere but as individuals there is still plenty of time for traditional skilled methods of creating images to emerge.  Eight years ago the style described as naive was fashionable whereas today a  retro 1960/70’s look with subdued and limited tones is current. No doubt there will come a time when painting will become popular again,  get to the show next year or one local to you, and see the images up close and personal.  Sketch books are also on show giving insight into the preparation towards the final artwork.

Balls of wall suspended - part of the Degree Show at UWE

Balls of wall suspended – part of the Degree Show at UWE


All images of artwork attributed to the talented creative  students of UWE 2013.

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