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Purest Green

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green #3Green Fingers

I once told an illustrator friend of mine that “green was best left to nature” I think she thought I was serious at the time,  but for me it was probably true. The reason I said it was because I did not enjoy using green, or rather using green was not easy.   On the other hand she uses green alot.  Being a landscape artist using fine detail down to the smallest blade of grass she is a green expert.  She is also good at growing plants so maybe the green fingers help.


Green #4

There seems to be so many variations of green, is there any more shades of green than that of any other colour?  I cannot imagine how one might find this out, I mean what is defined as a shade, I guess it must be more about spectrums?  Information welcome,  drop me an email.

Suits You (sir)

Green #2

Some people may believe that a certain colour does not suit them, but really what it is is they have not discovered the shade of that colour which will suit them.  The problem with the usual clothes shops is that the colours on offer is limited to what is economic for them to produce.  Settling for the nearest thing to the colour we would really like as a sometimes works for us, and sometimes it doesn’t, but don’t worry I wont say anything if you don’t!


Green #1

Nowadays I have found the shades of green that I like. The strategy that works for me is to use colour mixing books such as The Art of Colour Mixing  (John Lidzey etc) and identify the shades that I like and use them.  This avoids the hazards of the subtleties of mixing an individual green and saves on alot of time with a fairly certain result.  There are probably other books out there which have more variety on shades of a colour but this one suffices for me.

Purest Green or is it Gold?

All those green pics I have included all from my garden just now, all outside, no part of my house interior is green so I stick to my original statement, that for me  (if there is a choice) green is best left to nature!

And finally, brighten your day with a couple of minutes of BlackAdder’s Purest Green a favourite funny moment of mine where Lord Percy Percy discovers “a nugget of purest Green”.

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